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National Association of Latvian Ship Brokers and Agents (NALSA) was founded on August 8, 1994. Currently 26 ship agent companies serving more than 70% of all ships calling Latvian ports are represented in the Association.

The goals of the Association

  • to raise the prestige of Latvia in the field of international maritime trade;
  • to perform traditionally important role of ship brokers and agents as mediator and advisor in connecting and balancing the interests of ship owners and other maritime industries in all ports of Latvia, as well as state and private commercial structures;
  • to promote growth of the professional skills of ship brokers and agents and provide professional education;
  • to participate in other organizations, associations or unions whose operational goals do not conflict with the goals and directions of the Association's activities; promote cooperation with similar organizations in Latvia and beyond; to establish and maintain contacts with foreign legal and natural persons in matters within the competence of the Association;
  • to achieve that the Association acquires the status of a recognized expert in all matters to be solved in the maritime field, which directly or indirectly affect the activity of ship brokers and agents;
  • to involve an ever-widening circle of Latvian ship brokers and agents in the Association, as well as to raise the Association's reputation and prestige, to find a basis for representing and defending common professional interests in relations with state, non-state, other countries and international institutions, organizations and associations;
  • to promote fairness and justice, and to support and promote professionalism in the operation of ship brokers and agents. To ensure that the recommendations of the Association are respected and observed in state institutions when deciding on granting or withdrawing the relevant license (certificate);
  • to support the members of the Association in defending common basic interests for ship brokers and agents; to represent the interests of the Association's members in international and national organizations of ship brokers and agents, other maritime industries, public administration institutions of the Republic of Latvia and other organizations;
  • to coordinate common efforts aimed at improving, modernizing, simplifying and standardizing maritime trade agreements and documents;
  • to organize conferences, hold seminars and other events that would be necessary for discussing professional problems, interests and duties, as well as for professional education;
  • to prepare informative estimates and other data on the activities to be carried out in Latvian ports for the needs of ship owners and other interested parties;
  • to develop reasonable proposals for submission to the legislature or the government on the improvement of regulatory acts in matters to be solved in the maritime field, as well as on the necessary changes in the regulatory acts that regulate business, customs requirements and the tax system in this area;
  • to collect and compile information necessary for the successful and efficient operation of ship brokers and agents, to provide informative and advertising services. These and possible other services can be provided to members of the Association, as well as to individuals and legal entities not belonging to the Association, including foreigners, only on the basis of a contract. The members of the Association to be served first of all and on relaxed terms;
  • to check the professional compliance of ship agency firms and their employees in accordance with the valid laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and the requirements set by the Association, by issuing appropriate certificates certifying qualifications;
  • to carry out public and other activities that do not contradict the current regulatory enactments and meet the goals of the Association.
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